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Conneaut Lake Veterinary Hospital
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While we know all pet parents would like their pets with them at home, there may be times when your pet needs to remain hospitalized for care during these times.  The medical care team at Conneaut Lake Veterinary Hospital strives to make all their patients comfortable for their stay. 

paw-spacerWe have a unique team of equipped veterinarians, veterinary technicians, receptionists, and kennel assistants to give the best care for your pets during their stay.

paw-spacerThe compassionate kennel assistants take pride in providing your pet with loving care. They provide the proper food, walks for an appropriate time outside, and keep each pet clean, dry and comfortable.

paw-spacerLikewise, our veterinary technicians are actively involved with all of the pets admitted into our hospital for care. Each patient is carefully monitored and given medications on schedule as prescribed by the veterinarian. Our medical care team is attentive to critically ill patients; closely monitoring their vital signs, and using in house lab equipment as well as other medical equipment. More importantly, the medical care team effectively communicates  with one another to make sure everyone is well informed about all the pets in the hospital and each of  their individual needs.

paw-spacerOur dedicated receptionists are the members that are relied on most for relaying information to our clients as well as the rest of the team. They are devoted to providing excellent communicaction to our clients by checking the status of their pet and promptly answering any questions the client may have about their pet’s health. The receptionists are proud to be able to put their worried client’s minds at ease.

paw-spacerOur veterinarians are passionate about the care our patients receive during that stay in our hospital. They closely monitor the status of your pets health, assessing often to make adjustments to treatment whenever necessary.

All members of Conneaut Lake Veterinary Hospital take pride in making your pets stay at our hospital as comfortable as possible. Please feel free to call us at (814)382-5446 with any questions you may have.