Dr. Wendi Waid
Dr. Becky Stanton
Conneaut Lake Veterinary Hospital
14405 Conneaut Lake Road
Meadville, PA 16335
Phone: 814.382.5446

Conneaut Lake Veterinary Hospital Pet Boarding

We hope to make your trip easier and more convenient for you and your pet with our boarding services! It is our goal to provide your pet with the best care possible.

We provide Hill’s Science Diet maintenance food for every boarder. If you prefer, you may bring your pet’s own food from home, especially if your pet is on a special or prescription diet.

Your dog will be walked 4-5 times a day

Cats here for an extended period of time are removed from their kennel and placed in a large room for periods of daily activity.

We are here to help

We are primarily a hospital that offers the convenience of boarding and can provide any treatment needed. If you have any questions or concerns before you drop off your pet or while you’re away, call us at 814-382-5446

No Sunday or Holiday pickups

Dr, Wendi Waid and Dr. Becky Stanton are highly qualified and extremely caring veterinarians. You may check your pet out at any time during our regular hospital hours.

Required Information

Examinations: Yearly

*Please note: All new boarders need to have a physical examination performed by one of our doctors PRIOR TO BOARDING. Owner must be present during this examination. (This examination can always be scheduled before your pet’s boarding stay if this is more convenient for you and your busy schedule.)

Canine Vaccinations:

* Rabies (current)

* Distemper (Annual )

* Bordetella/Kennel Cough (within 6 months)

* Negative Fecal Exam (yearly)

Feline Vaccinations:

* Rabies (current)

*FVRCP (yearly)

Owner must provide vaccination history if vaccinated elsewhere

Emergency Phone Number: You will be asked to provide us with a phone number of someone (or yourself) who can authorize medical treatment should the need arise while your pet is here boarding.

Please bring with you any current medications or special food/diet so our staff will be able to medicate and provide your pet(s) needs. You may bring your pet(s) favorite toy and blanket!

If fleas are present flea preventative will be discussed with owner.

We provide bedding and dishes. All the comforts of home.

More about our dedicated staff:
The receptionist team is willing, capable and happy to schedule your reservations and exam if needed. The two trustworthy people in our Kennel Department love animals and will be responsible for the feeding, exercising and maintenance of your pet. The technicians are always available if your pet requires more comprehensive care.

Everyone strives to make your pet’s stay an enjoyable and healthy experience!


Do you hate to leave your pet home alone when you work? Taking a day trip, but are hesitant to leave your pet alone? No more worries! No more running home at lunch to let your pet out. Drop off and pick up on the same day!

Senior Pets

We understand as pets get older, they require more movement to keep their joints limber. We try to accommodate their needs by walking them more and taking them out more frequently as older animals are more prone to incontinence. Geriatric mats are provided in our kennel and our staff will pamper your geriatric pet. Remember, our experienced staff can also administer any daily medications your pet requires.


Our kennel staff will give your pet all of the TLC during their stay! Cleaning, feeding, and walking are just the beginning of what they do for your pet. Felines are exercised daily indoors and dogs are walked in our yard four times a day. One the last day of their stay, you may choose to have your pet pampered with a toenail trim, ear cleaning, and bath.