Dr. Wendi Waid
Dr. Becky Stanton
Conneaut Lake Veterinary Hospital
14405 Conneaut Lake Road
Meadville, PA 16335
Phone: 814.382.5446

Laboratory and Diagnostic

Our assistants are skilled in laboratory techniques.
  • We use the best fecal flotation method to ensure that internal parasites are properly diagnosed.
  • We offer in-house blood chemistries and whole blood cell counts for faster results that help our doctors find the root of the pet’s illness.
  • Urinary analysis is done daily.
  • Ear cytology is another routine procedure that our techs are well versed in identifying yeast and bacterial infections or mites that can plague a pet’s ear.
  • In house pancreatic screening
  • Cpl & Fpl testing for dogs & cats
  • We offer Radiographs & Utrasound