Pet Laser Surgery

By using a laser to make incisions during your pet’s surgery, our veterinarians can sanitize and eliminate unhealthy tissue, resulting in a faster and safer procedure.

A person and person holding a dog

Why Choose Laser Surgery?

Laser surgery minimizes the pain, swelling, and bleeding that often occurs with surgery. Additionally, laser surgery provides a sanitizing effect by killing bacteria, reducing the risk of infection.

What Types of Surgeries Is a Laser Used for?

Laser surgery is the primary choice for most soft tissue surgeries. They are especially advantageous for castrations (feline and canine) as well as ovariohysterectomies (feline and canine).

Many years of experience in veterinary medicine went into the design of the laser used by Conneaut Lake Veterinary Hospital. The veterinarians at Conneaut Lake Veterinary Hospital use laser therapy to provide our clients with optimal care for their pets.