Maintaining Your Pet’s

Dental Health

Our recommendations to improve your pet’s health typically include one or more of the three following home care procedures.

A person checking a dog's teeth

Physical Cleaning and Brushing

Manual brushing is the best way to keep your pet’s mouth happy and healthy. Research shows that daily brushing is the most effective way to maintain oral health.

Oral Dental Products (Hill’s Prescription Diet t/d Food)

Hill’s Science Diet t/d is specially formulated food that promotes healthy teeth and gums. It is available only through your veterinarian. The pet must actively chew the food to achieve proper effectiveness. If the pet does not chew, but rather crunches and swallows, the effectiveness is minimal.

Leba III

Leba III is an oral spray that, when used properly and consistently, reduces plaque formation on the pet’s teeth by stimulating enzymes in the pet’s saliva.

A new approach to dental care for your pet!

Conneaut Lake Veterinary Hospital Dental Program

What is the dental plan?

Our dental plan is unique in that it shifts responsibility for your pet’s oral health from you to our team of professionals. Once every six months, your pet will be eligible to receive a complete dental cleaning at a reduced fee.

What are the benefits?

  • Better oral health for the pet, resulting in less need for invasive dental procedures, such as extractions
  • Improved general health through fewer bacterial showers and toxins that can damage the liver, kidneys, etc.
  • Our technicians will spend less time on dental procedures if we keep up with the mouth’s health. This translates into less time under anesthesia, further benefitting your pet.
A dog and cat under a blanket

Who is eligible for the plan?

Both cats and dogs are eligible for dental procedures once every 6 months.

What are the fees?

The first dental event is at the regular fee. Every 6 months, the pet is eligible for a dental event at a 20% discount. This includes extractions, antibiotics, and intra-operative therapies. Follow-up blood work, if recommended, is not included in the discount program.

How will I know when it is time for a recheck?

Our team will contact you via e-mail or postcard, depending on your preference.

How do I schedule the appointment?

The dental event will be scheduled around a centering date of 30 days within the 6-month anniversary of the previous dental appointment.

Who evaluates the pet’s mouth at the 6-month check-up?

The technician. If the technician or owner has a question, the veterinarian will evaluate the pet’s mouth at no charge. If other health issues need to be addressed at the dental review, a medical progress exam fee will apply. If the pet doesn’t need a dental cleaning in 6 months, the oral exam is free and the next dental event will be priced at the discounted fee.